Here are some of the frequently asked questions -FAQ’s  by our customers

FAQ's-General Information

GEO Packers & Movers provide domestic, international  travel services. This service is for both for residential and commercial purposes, and storage and disposal facilities for you. We have trained and professional team. (FAQ’s)

Unfortunately, we do not have a regular pricing plan. As our costs are based on the number of products you’re going to move and the situation varies.

No, you are not going to pay any for survey. It is free of cost.

Please contact us at +92 313 652 9955 and we will work with you on an acceptable arrangement.


Currently, we do not require a deposit. However, you will need to sign the authorization document and send it back to us by email.

10 ft Tailgate Exposed
Open 10 ft truck
15 ft of truck with a tailgate
15 ft Truck Free of Tailgate
Twenty-four truck with tailgate

Shuttling service is mostly for condominiums, since there are entry height restrictions. We will need a shuttle to carry your furniture and things from the elevator lobby to our truck.

All team members at GEO packers and movers  are licensed and we can use a range of protective materials to cover your delicate products safely before moving.

Top Quality Service & Expertise

Quality of work is our priority. Separate completely the correct bandwidth alignment. Quickly integrate e-business using flexible solutions to make the right processes work seamlessly.

FAQ'S-Packing Material

  1. Standard carton boxes: 20 inch by 16 inch by 16 inch
  2. Wardrobe boxes: 21.5 inch x 47 inch x 21.2 inch
  3. Book carton boxes: 15 inch x 15 inch x 10 inch

Moving Procedures

It depends on situation. Just contact to our team for this info and tell them about your schedule.


  1. Yes you can hire individual or any type of vehicle for you.

  1. 10ft Covered With Tailgate
  2. 10ft Open Truck
  3. 15ft Truck With Tailgate
  4. 15ft Truck Without Tailgate
  5. 24ft Truck With Tailgate
  6. Van

Post Move

Yes, we provide unpacking services. Feel free to contact us.


No, there are no refunds for the boxes used.